How long does professional teeth whitening last?

The effects of teeth whitening can last 2 to 3 years or as little as 6 months. Varies from person to person.

Professional teeth whitening

is a great way to achieve longer-lasting results than all of the above methods. In most cases, the effects of professional teeth whitening can last up to three years with proper care.

The results of professional teeth whitening usually last up to a year and a half. Patients who practice proper oral hygiene typically experience a longer period of results due to teeth whitening. Patients who regularly enjoy coffee, tea, or red wine may notice that their results fade more quickly. In addition, tobacco use may decrease teeth whitening results.

John Koutsoyiannis usually offers follow-up laser teeth whitening treatments every 1 to 2 years or a tray whitening “reinforcement” system designed specifically for your teeth. Depending on the severity of the spots, most patients get results that last up to one year. However, if the stains are extremely severe, it may take several rounds of teeth whitening to obtain the desired shade. Therefore, the results of the initial treatment may not necessarily matter.

In this case, the final results after several treatments can also last for about a year. The most durable results usually come from LED and tray-based treatments, especially those that are applied professionally. An in-office teeth whitening session can produce whiter teeth that last up to a year. 8.Homemade gel trays that the dentist customizes to fit the mouth and in-office whitening provide the longest lasting whitening.

At first, your teeth may look unnaturally white, but after a few days, the color changes to a more natural white. This whitening gel is activated by a light, accelerating the whitening process and reveals dramatically whiter teeth after use. The facilities are relaxing and beautiful, and you can choose a movie to watch while your teeth are being cleaned. If used at least several times a week (or as often as daily), toothpaste for teeth whitening can take two to six weeks to get results.

Like toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other whitening products, whitening pencils are available without a prescription. In some cases, you may have to keep the tray over your teeth for several hours or all night, every day, for a week or more. Chemicals used to whiten teeth are generally considered safe as long as they are applied correctly and in the right concentration. We'll safely and effectively whiten your teeth in just one visit, so you can show off your new smile as soon as you're done.

Teeth whitening improves your smile and combats common surface stains caused by soft drinks, red wine, coffee and some foods. If you use a tray-based system as instructed, your teeth may be one or two shades lighter in just a few days. Some of the best home teeth whitening options meet the ADA's acceptance to lighten superficial and deeper stains. When used correctly, high-quality branded whitening strips can remove both extrinsic and minor intrinsic stains, whitening teeth to a whiter color.

Opalescence Boost is another popular in-office whitening treatment that uses a chemically activated gel to brighten your teeth within an hour. .

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