Is getting teeth whitened painful?

The good news about teeth whitening is that the treatment itself doesn't cause any pain, so you can rest assured. It's a relief to know that you can increase your self-confidence if you undergo teeth whitening treatment, but you don't have to worry about any discomfort during the procedure. Our professional in-office teeth whitening procedure involves applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, which is then activated with laser light. Hydrogen peroxide gel breaks up stains and discoloration, brightening teeth.

Although safe, the whitening agent may cause some discomfort in the form of tooth sensitivity. Not all patients experience tooth sensitivity during treatment. Whether you experience discomfort or not will depend on whether you experience tooth sensitivity to begin with. Despite some discomfort for sensitive patients, teeth whitening is a safe cosmetic dentistry practice when currently performed.

If you bleach at home, be sure to follow the instructions and never leave strips or trays inside for longer than recommended. If you do the whitening in our dentist's office, you can be sure that your dentist is using safe techniques and materials. Don't hesitate to ask your dentist for more information if you have any questions. Tooth sensitivity is a possible side effect after teeth whitening and, in most cases, is caused by the whitening solution used to whiten teeth.

This solution can remove minerals from the enamel and cause teeth to temporarily become porous, exposing the microtubules within the teeth. These tubules, called dentinal tubules, are microscopic channels that run from the surface of the teeth to the center of the teeth, where the lodged dental nerves are located. When dentinal tubules are exposed, tooth sensitivity increases. Minerals are generally replenished in teeth within a few days of teeth whitening and, once minerals are restored, tooth sensitivity usually disappears.

While teeth whitening is very safe and effective, it's common to experience sensitivity after treatment. The good news is that this sensitivity is only temporary; however, it may cause some discomfort during the first few days after the procedure. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize this sensitivity after teeth whitening. In addition, when undergoing a teeth whitening procedure or actively whitening at home with personalized trays, be sure to follow your dentist's instructions to ensure effective whitening and minimize associated discomfort.

Greenhalgh will also carefully monitor your procedure to ensure that the correct concentration of whitening gel is used. If whitening-related sensitivity is still a problem, consider reducing the number of whitening treatments. The trays used in these treatments will fit the teeth perfectly, preventing the gel from coming into contact with the gums. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments among Northfield Dental Group patients.

Fortunately, there are preventive and pain-relieving measures that can be taken to reduce the sensitivity and discomfort associated with teeth whitening treatments. These tubules, called dentinal tubules, are microscopic channels that run from the surface of the teeth to the center of the teeth, where the dental nerves are housed. It occurs when the active ingredients in whitening products, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, reach the nerves of each tooth. Although teeth whitening is safe, it may leave some patients with a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity after treatment.

In fact, they can easily monitor your progress and provide guidance when the time comes to explore alternative whitening options. Use a toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth to help reduce irritation. As an added benefit, you can select a whitening toothpaste to remove daily surface stains without having to use whitening strips as often. .

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